Who Would Want To Live In New Brunswick?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Who Would Want To Live In New Brunswick?

New Brunswick is an especially attractive immigration destination for downsizers - people who desire a simpler, no-frills lifestyle amidst a land teeming with lakes and forests.

Real estate in New Brunswick is amongst the cheapest in Canada. In May 2007, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the average house price in New Brunswick was just $142,000.

Newcomers who have sold more expensive property elsewhere often find they can buy a house mortgage-free in New Brunswick.

In New Brunswick you get the chance to own an acreage of land that only millionaires can afford in some places and the opportunity to live in communities where people still genuinely help one another.

If you are money-oriented and want to find a high-powered, fast moving career path (and a cosmopolitan nightlife with trendy nightclubs and the like) New Brunswick is probably not for you.

Although New Brunswick does not have a dynamic economy - the unemployment rate hovers around 10 percent - its residents have the highest incomes of any of Canada's Atlantic provinces.