Collegio Nuovo - Fondazione Sandra e Enea Mattei (Pavia)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Collegio Nuovo - Fondazione Sandra e Enea Mattei (Pavia)

The Collegio Nuovo was established in 1978 thanks to the generosity of Sandra Bruni Mattei, an industrial entrepreneur who wished to privilege the social and cultural development of talented and motivated female undergraduates. Aware of the growing position of women in the community, the founder laid the basis for the creation of a rich and stimulating international environment, in which dedication, diversity, creativity, and cross-disciplinary expertise allow the students to develop all-round skills aiming at standards of quality and excellence. The College provides comfortable living and study conditions: a modern environment with a warm and friendly atmosphere in which social and cultural life thrive alongside academic endeavour. Its cultural programme complements the teaching activities carried out at the University of Pavia and also attracts outside students and members of the public. Study grants and exchanges with numerous foreign partner institutions are amongst other opportunities that shape the students’ development. In addition to promoting talent, the Collegio Nuovo supports the most deserving students by reserving a number of places that are exempt from fee charges or by applying subsidised rates.

The College is set in spacious parkland in the heart of a new area housing the the University’s scientific and technological departments. The College hosts 115 Italian and foreign female students who excel in the selection procedure demonstrating ability, dedication and social skills. Admission is through a national public examination (minimum required school leaving mark:80/100) consisting of one written and two oral tests. A separate residential block for graduates was opened next to the College in 1998. This independent unit houses 50 male and female graduates enrolled in doctoral or masters programmes or in university schools of specialization. The Collegio Nuovo is one of the founder members of the University School of Advanced Studies in Pavia and is the seat of the International Master’s Degree in Science and Media Technology.
Services and facilities

Residential services: accommodation in single-study rooms with en-suite bathroom, telephone and free Internet access, full 7-day catering service, kitchenettes on each floor, weekly room cleaning and laundry service, emergency medical assistance. The graduate apartments also have self-catering facilities.

Resources and facilities for study and leisure activities: multimedia main lecture theatre, 2 multimedia lecture rooms, library (8.000 books and 30 periodicals), 3 computer rooms, free Internet access, 3 study rooms, newspaper reading rooms, TV lounges, video library (600 films), indoor gym with sports courts, outdoor tennis courts and playing fields, spacious garden with wireless connection to Internet.

Cultural and formative activities: courses accredited by the University of Pavia (Digital and multimedia communications, Semiotics of the arts, Specialization courses in medicine and surgery, In-depth courses on allergies, migraine), study guidance and tutoring services, internal courses in computer studies and foreign languages, conferences and meetings with leading members from the world of business, industry and culture, also open to outside students, foreign exchange schemes (New Hall, Cambridge, Universities of Heidelberg and Mainz), study grants to facilitate further studies in Europe and the United States.