Schools and Admission Process in Singapore

Thursday, January 10, 2008

If you have kids who will be studying in Singapore, you may want to start researching Singapore schools before you arrive. In particular, figure out which schools you like and check for vacancies early, because this may determine in which areas you should try house-hunting. We've heard a few stories of families that signed a tenancy agreement, and then had to move after a month or two because they couldn't find school vacancies in the area for their kids.

For information about the school application process and requirements, visit the Foreign Student Information page on the Ministry of Education web site.

Children on a Dependent’s Pass and studying in a qualified school are exempted from needing a Student Pass.

Check the Ministry of Education application form and consult with your prospective schools regarding the documents you may need to produce to enroll your child. For example, in some cases schools may require inoculation or vaccination records. Get these ready before you leave your home country, as it may be difficult to coordinate with your home doctor or your child's previous schools once you're overseas.