Collegio Universitario Arces / Study in Italy

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Collegio Universitario Arces (Catania, Palermo)

The Collegio Universitario Arces promotes activities aimed at developing the full potential of students, focusing on their future professional life as active members of society, aware of ethical issues, sensitive to social needs in the workplace and open to new frontiers of knowledge.

In the excellent climate of the Segesta and Alcantara Residences, the ARCES College offers specific programmes which enable students to complement their university studies with courses designed to bring together their choice of profession, academic career, balanced personal growth and cultural knowledge of the humanities.

The University Residences offer courses in the humanities which accompany and supplement scientific and technical courses. They are also committed to supporting students in planning an appropriate professional training programme with links to the workplace, training opportunities and work placements both in Italy and abroad. Students may also choose to take part in summer school, interdisciplinary meetings, voluntary work and international cooperation ventures.

Each Residence has an Counselling Centre which effectively and efficiently coordinates counselling and tutoring services and promotes a rigorous, formative programme designed to meet demands from business and industry. This programme, organized by ARCES, includes masters degrees, specialization courses and grants for short, student placements in companies abroad. Students applying for a place at the Residences have to pass an aptitude test consisting of a written test and an interview.

Each year the ARCES University College awards bursaries to deserving students and to students based upon economic criteria.
Services and facilities

Residential services: accommodation in single- and triple-bedded study bedrooms; daily breakfast, lunch and dinner; laundry service: weekly change of bed linen, laundering and ironing of personal clothing, minor repairs; daily room cleaning.

Resources and facilities for study and leisure activities: library and periodical room; main lecture theatre; two study rooms; multimedia room; film hall, film and CD library; common room, music room, newspaper reading room, TV lounge; chapel.