Undergraduate studies in Norway

Monday, January 14, 2008

Undergraduate studies in Norway
Today most students entering an institution of higher education for the first time are pursuing a Bachelor's degree, or a professional degree programme like engineering, law or medical studies. As a foreign student you also have the possibility of obtaining an undergraduate level degree from a Norwegian institution if you meet the application requirements. Foreign students may also apply for a number of undergraduate courses not leading to a degree.

Bachelor’s degree
A Bachelor's degree is awarded by all the state universities, specialised university institutions, university colleges and several of the private institutions. It is normally obtained after three years of study.

The two national university colleges of the arts offer a Bachelor’s degree of four years’ duration.

Currently there are very few Bachelor's programmes that are offered in English at Norwegian institutions.

The "Høgskolekandidat" degree
("University college candidat degree")
The "Høgskolekandidat" degree is obtained after two years of study. This degree may be built upon to obtain a Bachelors degree. The degree is offered at some state university colleges and a few private institutions. Please note that the number of subject areas that are available under this degree is limited.

Currently there are no "Høgskolekandidat" degrees offered in English