Fondazione RUI / College List in Italy

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fondazione RUI (Bologna, Genoa, Milan, Palermo, Rome, Verona )

The university colleges of the Fondazione Rui – a non-profit organ founded in 1959 –provide an environment where students can develop their potential on a personal, cultural and academic level.

Various services are offered to help students in their studies (tutoring; study and career guidance; study methods). These services are also open to numerous external students and are designed to offer a cultural service to young adults and the society at large.

The colleges are committed to enriching the development of students’ personal skills by organizing courses which complement programmes taught at the various university faculties. In this way, they contribute to the all-round development of each individual student on a human, cultural, professional and religious level.

Since 1998 the Foundation has hosted the School of integrated university formation (Sdif) which organizes courses together with the academic, business and industrial world.

The Foundation cooperates with universities in teaching validated programmes that lead to university awards. Each year the Foundation distributes scholarships for places at all of its colleges to applicants on a national placement list which reflects merit and parental income. Entry applications must be submitted by mid-end September (see website).
Services and facilties

Residential services: accommodation in mostly single study bedrooms, breakfast, lunch and dinner, daily room cleaning, weekly change of bed linen, ironing service.

Resources and facilities for study and leisure activities: main lecture theatre, study room, chapel, library with periodical section, data points providing free Internet access, drafting rooms, gym and film library.

Cultural and formative activities: conferences, tutoring, language courses, study groups, informal meetings with lecturers and members of the professions, voluntary and social work, international exchanges, foreign study grants.