Living in Trinity, Texas

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Living in Trinity, Texas

The unoffical name of Trinity is Trinity Peninsula. Trinity is surrounded by three sides of Lake Livingston. The Sam Houston and Davy Crocket Natonal Forest is nearby. Trinity can offer a great day of fishing. With approxitately 40,000 acres of private and National Forest hunting is available for deer and other game.

Trinity is located on the north side of Lake Livingston in Trinity County. It is the largest town along the shores of Lake Livingston. Trinity is a growing community which offers small town charm. Trinity has population of 2,721. It is a melting pot of longtime residents and people who have moved in from all over the country. Young and old alike can enjoy living in Trinity.

You can enjoy gift, or antique shopping. If your hungry, you can eat at one of their 16 restaurants, or stay in their hotel or bed and breakfast. Trinity has the only hospital that is located very close to the lake.

Camp Cullen, a YMCA Camp and Camp Olympia are located near Trinity. Both camps are assicoated with the Houston independent School District. Visitors can enjoy swimming, water sports, and horseback riding.
For those looking for the paranormal, the Parker House, claims to have ghosts. It was featured in the book titled “Texas Guide to Haunted Restaurants, Taverns and Inns.” by Robert Wlodarski and Jane Powell Wlodarski. Visitors have reported doors opening and closing, and lights going on and off by themselves. Others have said that they have had the sensation of being touched.