Associazione CUIR (Rome), Livingston Italy

Friday, January 18, 2008

Associazione CUIR (Rome)

The Associazione “Collegio Universitario Internazionale di Roma” (hereinafter CUIR) is a non-profit association established in Rome on 13th September 1990.

It has a real concern for the care and support of Italian and foreign university students which is developed through its cultural and teaching activities. CUIR offers students a wide range of courses and opportunities to develop key skills on a professional and personal level thus supplementing the academic skills taught at university. Currently, the college hosts 82 male students from 29 different countries and several university lecturers. It is situated in the Trastevere area of the city and is within half an hour’s bus journey from the main university faculties. Approximately 15 students are selected each year on the basis of an entrance examination (one written test and an interview). Selection criteria include school or university curriculum, a psychometric test and a knowledge of languages.

The College plays a role in many projects and ventures involving cooperation and voluntary work throughout Europe and around the world. Together with 14 other institutions from 11 European countries, CUIR has, in fact, founded a network called International Cooperation Net (ICNET), which promotes student initiatives of a cultural and voluntary nature throughout Europe. One of these initiatives is “Solidarity Day” which aims to increase sensitivity to the issue of voluntary work, as well as a work camp in Nicaragua, to help people hit by Hurricane Mitch. Together with three European NGOs: the Austrian ICEP (Institut zur Cooperation bei Entwicklungs Projekten); the Portuguese ISU (Instituto de Solidariedade e Cooperação Universitária); the Italian ICU (Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria) it is part of the EU-approved project for the “Reinforcement of the awareness of Business and Industry’s Social Responsibilities in European Universities”.

Its purpose is to promote an awareness among university students of the social obligations facing companies working in developing countries.

In the same way, the Collalto Cultural Centre – via Emilio de’Cavalleri, 7/A – founded and run by CUIR, organises activities for high school and university students in Rome.
Services and facilities

Residential services: single- and triple-bedded study bedrooms with shared bathroom; daily breakfast, lunch and dinner; weekly change of bed linen, weekly laundry and ironing service, minor repairs and daily room cleaning service.

Resources and facilities for study and leisure activities: library with 25 reader places, 3 study rooms with 120 places, computer room with 10 places and 15 Internet connection points, garden and 2 chapels (one dating back to the 18th century). All rooms and facilities can be accessed by students with mobility impairments.

Cultural and formative activities: tutoring, courses on study methods and languages, conferences, conventions and meetings with professors and lecturers as well as with visiting speakers from the worlds of commerce and industry, voluntary work and social promotion schemes, international exchanges.