Death By Breathing

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Death By Breathing
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Here's another great question.

Dear Dr. Dave,

I'm quite confused over one aspect of Instant Endurance. One of the components is supposed to help us take in more oxygen which is good for the brain, blood, organs, etc... On the other hand, we have things like anti-oxidants(?) which are supposed to retard aging. Is there a contradiction here?

Thank you very much.


Tan P. K.

Every now and then someone writes in an absolutely great question that I never thought of. Usually I say to myself," I wish I had thought of that!"

In the case of Tan P.K. from Singapore I found myself saying just that.

This gentleman's question cuts right to the heart of the anti-aging matter and I think will instruct all of us in some fundamentals that I have not touched upon before.

First let's take a little hypothetical trip back about 12 billion years. Again I say hypothetical because this is an evolutionary point of view and I am not in a position to state this as fact, so please do not take any religious offense to this!

The story goes like this:

Two very different cells came into contact with each other billions of years ago.

One cell had a very limited capacity to use oxygen which at the time was present on the earth's atmosphere in somewhat greater amounts than it is now.

The other cell was primarily a non oxygen user. But it was bigger badder and hungrier than the one that used oxygen.

So the big bad hungry non oxygen using cell ate the little high energy oxygen using one.

Funny thing is that the big cell couldn't digest the little one.

As a matter of fact the little cell rather liked being inside the "stomach " of the big cell because there was all that unused oxygen lying around.

At some point it became apparent that these 2 cells, one now living inside the other, were greater than the sum of their parts.

Each conferred a survival advantage to the other, so they learned to coexist and thrive as a new unified organism that could use oxygen very well.

It is thought that the little cell that got eaten and liked it was the forerunner of the modern day mitochondrion ( mitochondria pleural).

In all of our cells there are mitochondria. They are the veritable powerhouses of the cell. Most if not all oxygen metabolism takes place there.

Mitochondria are truly the energy generating furnaces of our body. They take oxygen food and water and convert it into our energy needs.

As such they are exposed to lots of oxygen and this burning of oxygen creates what are now known as "oxygen free radicals" or simply free radicals.

Many of you already know that free radicals are damaging. They have a lot of energy and when they glom onto something and give up their energy to it bad things can happen.

Such as Inflammation heart disease joint destruction and cancer.

The mitochondria are well equipped to handle this at least when they are young because of many buffers. Perhaps the most important of which is Co Enzyme Q 10 one of the main ingredients in Regenerizer.

The bioactive plant compounds in Instant Endurance are also loaded with anti-oxidants, as is fish oil which actually acts as a free radical sponge to soak them up.

This is important because as we age or as we engage in high level physical activities, free radicals start to build up.

Ageing causes this because the actual amounts of things like CO Q 10 in the mitochondria decrease as we age.

In high level athletics we actually consume more oxygen and thus generate more free radicals.

One of the biggest mistakes I see world and other class athletes make is under supplemnetation with anti-oxidants. They generally feel that they are in such good shape that their bodies can handle the oxidant load.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Now many of you know that I am a distance runner and a grappler.

I aggressively buffer the oxidant load in my body generated by these activities with all of my compounds from Fish Oil to Regenerizer to Instant Endurance.

Why? Well elite distance runners do not live normal life spans as a whole. They succumb to heart disease and stroke at a level even higher than the general populace. This is undoubtedly due to the high oxidation loads from free radicals in their body.

No one has done a study on Grapplers!

I always tell my runner friends," Don't run for longevity! And if you do run long distance make sure you take enough anti-oxidants!"

Now please not that there are some distinct advantages to running and other types of exercise in that these groups of individuals tend to be more health conscious and this may account for better health and longer lives in the non elite group.

In other words its not the running, but the lifestyle that accompanies it that helps most!

And that my friend is the paradox!

Oxygen, the very thing that keeps us alive, the very thing we cannot do without is slowly killing us! The more of it we use the more damage we do UNLESS we protect ourselves with anti-oxidants.

The more active you are the more you need them!

And the younger you want to stay, the more you need them.

Recently the editor of a mixed martial arts magazine that I am for confidentiality reasons not able to name wrote me to tell me that he loves my products. He feels the effects and they have improved his game.

This is not in a small part due to the buffering of free radical oxidants that impair performance, Impair recovery and dull the Brain.

Ken Brown Triathelete wrote to tell me how he won his age class after taking My Fish Oil.

He said," Your Fish Oil made a monster out of me!"

The only thing more impressive than that is Ken himself whose picture and testimonial are up on the site now.

So whether you care trying to slow the aging process and prolong disease free life, or are an athlete looking for an edge in strength, endurance, recovery and mental sharpness, remember that the very air we breath can kill us.

And remember it does not have to be so!

As Tan P. K. pointed out Instant Endurance supplies you with the ability to extract more oxygen, AND the ability to buffer the damaging effects of same giving you the best of both worlds!