Apply for a mobile phone in Singapore

Thursday, January 10, 2008

* Check if your employer gets corporate discounts.
* Bring your employment pass and passport (and a company ID if you're getting a corporate discount).
* Buying the phone is independent of the service contract. You can decide to buy a new handset later on if you like (and you'll get a promotional price if you're willing to commit to a couple of years' service).
* Another option is to get a prepaid phone card. This works well if you are only in Singapore for a short period, or if you're based in another country but frequently travel to Singapore. You may also want to explore a prepaid card if you've been keeping two phones (a Singapore phone, and one from your home country) - special prepaid phone cards can help you get lower rates for calls and text messages to and from your home country.
* If you're from the Philippines, the Singtel Kababayan Card (also called the Kabayan Card) offers a cheap way to keep in touch with Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers. Offers include v019 IDD calls to Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers in the Philippines at local airtime rates, and free incoming calls. It's cheap for your friends and family back home too - Globe subscribers can text you for just one peso, and both Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers can call you for P7.50 per minute.
* Check out the Kababayan card overview at the Singtel website, or check the FAQ for the latest rates and offers.