Livingston, Texas

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Livingston, Texas

Livingston is located just 15 miles west of Lake Livingston on US Highway 190 and 75 miles north of Houston. It is now the county seat of Polk County. The only Indian reservation in Texas, the Alabama-Coushatta tribe, is located near here.

In October 2002, Livingston celebrated it's 100th birthday.

Livingston has continued to grow, and is the largest town in Polk County. It has over 40 restaurants, 9 hotels. Shopping includes, Baskins, Sears, Van Huesen Factory Outlet, and Walmart Superstore.

The Barney Wiggins Memorial Park is located on the south side of Livingston and serves as the Polk County Fairgrounds.

Rainbow's End Escapees Club National Headquarters is located south of Livingston. Many people enjoy the RV facilities located here.

Livingston is rich in history. It was founded in 1846 and incorporated 1902. Livingston is the home of several historical markers.

Polk County Museum is located at 514 West Mill Street in Livingston. It is one of the finest small museums of local history.

During Civil War, it had only 600 voters in 1860 but sent 900 soldiers into the Confederate Army. Throughout the war, old men, women, children and slaves produced food and cotton for support of the war effort.The Civil War was supported by all, even Cheif John Scott of the Alabama-Coushatta tribe fought in the Civil War. Join Livingston in the Civil War Re-enactment each year at Pedrigo Park.

Livingston is the birthplace of Margo Jones, who is famous for directing "The Glass Menagerie."

Livingston has recently built a $25,000,000 state-of-the-art hospital. It continues to grow in the healthcare industry. Livingston also offers a nursing facility.

In 1990 the population was 5,019.

The Polk County Enterprise, established in 1905, continues to serve Livingston and Polk County residents